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Good Morning Occupy!*

Break of Dawn, Bob's Camp, September 21, 2014 - Happy Mabon People!

Sunday Evening, September 28, 2014

An Open Letter, to: 

To Dr. Helen Caldicott, Naomi Klein and everyone at Seattle Town Hall:
And to all conscious people who have been aware that this death scenario
was an inevitable result of the use of nuclear fission, for any reason,
in our life-biomes.

The ENTIRE saddest story ever told unfolds before our
very eyes - Here at: –  My part is only a feeble attempt
to break this story that no one wants to know or hear about. It may
prove fantastically true, or a lame lie! But without further investigation
by nation-states, i.e. Japan, US, Canada, France, Britain, China, India,
Pakistan, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Cuba, South Africa – And the list goes
on of the current nuke-owning polluters, responsible for the corruption
of our planet, and its people’s genome! With university or college resources to
confirm the science, if that’s still possible with almost total control of the
levers of power by amoral, 
multi-national corporations, THEN we still
have a fighting chance to contain this lethal crap.

There is an ongoing, desperate but hopeful, full-frontal mission to disprove the
death of our ocean ecosystems. The most important part of the ocean’s chain-of-life
are the filter-feeders, whose presence or not determines that higher life-forms can
exist. This “Good Fight” of hope has been coined, "The Expedition For Life",

a citizen-funded discovery expedition of 4 Canadian citizens, with the financial
help of dozens of citizens of several countries, worldwide.

These backers, include the poor and the disabled, too, yours truly! We have given
$10 and up to $multi-thousands$ from one donor. We Expeditioners invite anybody
who wishes to drive up, or sail, or fly up and join – or send money via paypal for gas
and a satellite phone! We are gone, now, for two-weeks, from Vancouver, B.C.,
up northward along the Inside Passage, to the Alaska/BC boundary, along the open sea
of the British Columbia coast. Then it’s an overland trek, northeastward, to the
 Northwest Territories and its Arctic coast, the final destination, this season.

We do our tidal searches in a specially equipped zodiac, similar to Greenpeace.
We explore and document with interviews on film with audio, the resulting facts,
for you the human being, to ascertain. Hundreds of reported disappearances
of 1000’s of our Pacific Ocean, inter-tidal species have already been reported
and video shown at:

3-1/2 years, and after 400 tons per day of highly radioactive water-plumes
(THAT STILL CONTINUE!) from Fukushima Daiichi, it is presumed, that the culprits
are always the same circle of thugs, as in the disasters at Chernobyl, Three-mile Island,
and tens of others. The multi-national "people" 
have all contributed to a probable ELE.
Capitalists push nukes on an unsuspecting public, with the full consent of their respective
governments. What's wrong with this picture? Nukes that have NEVER been needed?

“The Expedition For Life” will continue, even if we have to walk to the Arctic coast!
This will get done! However, right now, because of charitable donations of the citizenry
of many countries, a land convoy of a donated RV, a sea-worthy equipped Zodiac, a new
50-hp motor, cameras and microscopes, Geiger counters and two 4-wheel drives, have been,
for weeks now, on their way to the Arctic coast, weather permitting, after an exhaustive,
4-6 week search along many of the coastlines of the thousands of pristine British Columbia
islands, at low tide, in search for life in the inter-tidal zones.


Wheels rolling! Propeller whirling! Cameras on! Microphone recording!
The Good Fight IS afoot!
We cannot be stopped. We will get to the bottom of this,
possible Extinction Level Event.

Sorry about the bad (But hopeful) news, Bob Zavoda
To donate for gas and satellite phone and lodging:

More Breaking News<<<<<

122,486 views as of September 21, 2014

A Preliminary  Expedition Around Vancouver Island on August 10, 2014
Discovers a Destroyed Tidal Eco-system Along the Pacific Coast of British Columbia.
(Suspected) Radioactive Spills from Fukushima Daiichi May Be the Cause. - Here**

Press Release - Here 

"The Expedition For Life" Has Begun (9/08) from Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada! - Updates as they come in
- Here

Neil Baybeee*
2 of the 4 Expeditioners, Dana & Dana's Son, Simon

JUST IN! - 6 short videos from “The Expedition For Life”, 2014

September 9
           Starting out - Here
Salt Spring Island - Here

September 10 - Victoria Harbor, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada -
1) Here & 2)

September 11 - Here

September 13 - Bamfield Marine Science Centre - Here

September 22, Updates  - Here

The "Expedition For Life" Route from the Alaska / BC border to
Northwest Territories Arctic Coast
: Whitehorse, Dawson, Inuvik

Forecast Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada (Above Arctic Circle) - Here

The Biggest Story of All Time

Where were you 3 1/2-years ago, when the Fukushima
Daiichi reactors
#1, #2, #3, lost coolant, blew-up,
and lost their melting fuel as
"corium cores" through
their containments? And then into an underground
aquifer, over which it was built?
And what happened
 to all four spent fuel
pools?  #4 reactor had both
fresh & spent fuel in
its pool. They all overheated
and eventually, spontaneously, combusted!
sea-water was applied that corroded them
into soluble compounds, before leaking,
unabated, into the Pacific Ocean.

Using official Japanese records, 400 tons (100,000
gallons) of radioactive water per day, still
stream 3 million gallons / month, every month,
into the Pacific Ocean. Many of these deadly
man-made isotopes of many different elements
are dissolved and/or free-floating
as tiny bits carrying trillions of atoms. They had
never existed for 4-billion years! - Now are lost
and so far unstoppable, after 31/2 years!!

A possible Extinction Level Event? (ELE)

From March 11, 2011 to

A continuous large swath of radioactive ocean
currents is slowly but unrelentingly moving onto
the North American continental shelf coastline.
Three sources are ground water seeping into the
buried lost "corium" cores then on to the ocean,
rain run-off on the contaminated ground that
is littered for tens of kilometers with broken
fuel rod fragments and dust and thirdly, the
numerous unstoppable containment
building leaks.

Conservative estimates are as much as 1,000 tons
per day.
Using TEPCO's public records estimate
of 400 tons/day,
260 million gallons have mixed
with the Pacific Ocean as of August 11, 2014.
Complicating the matter, it is not known yet
how much additional radioactive ash and debris
has fallen onto the ocean surface. These
inexorable,  kilometers-wide plumes are now
with all northwest Pacific Ocean
coastal biomes and eco-systems.

The inter-tidal zones are dying according, to a
recent on site investigation of 2 Canadian citizens.
Other reports are pouring in by the hundreds from
locals.  Over 2,700 comments cover the entire
spectrum from: "That's bs" and much worse, to
"Oh My God!" and "Thank you!" And of course,
the ever-present provocateur's trolls of the nuclear
lobby! September 8, 2014, "The Expedition
For Life" left Vancouver, BC,
northward, to
investigate with photographs and audio the
species decline (or not). Background radiation
will be Geiger-monitored.
This is a citizen-funded
Expedition For Life".  

 2 to 3 hundred kilometers of the Intercoastal Passage
and the
outer western shorelines up to the US border
of this world renown, pristine island paradise will
be targeted at first. L
ater Expeditions with more help
will go into the Canadian Arctic. The inter-tidal zones
and tidal pools are of special interest to the lead
investigator, Dana Durnford of British Columbia,
a professional Deep Sea Diver.

This "Expedition For Life" is citizen-funded without
any positive cooperation or input from the
bankster-class who arguably are responsible for the
proliferation of 400+ nuclear power, bomb-making
plants worldwide.

August 10, 2014, a YouTube citizen investigative report
proved categorically that it's time for action! As of
this printing, 96,548 (Now 122,486) downloads have
been logged. The silence of the mass-media
remains deafening, as does all those indictable
government nuclear lobbyists of
mass genocide.
  - More Here

The Fukushima Horror: Destroyed Fukushima Daiichi 

Fukushima YouTube Updates as they come in - Here

More News Links - Here


The Nuclear Proctologist - Dana Durnford uncovers the facts about the
Fukushima Extinction Level Event - Posted 07/23/2014

Fukushima Soon After 3/11/2011

Again!!!  Fukushima Unit 4 Major Fire May 20, 2014**

Cause of New Mexico Nuclear Waste Accident
Remains a Mystery - Here

400,000 March in New York City
A Comprehensive Review From The Guardian US -- Here

Thousands Risk Arrest At Wall Street Sit-in!
Polar Bear Arrested!
- More Here

Happy Birthday John Coltrane - September 23, 1926! - Bio Here

Saturday, September  13, 2014 - 10am PST 'til ?

Desert Setting Sun at Bob's Camp

Irie Days Starry Nights*

John Lennon Tunes*
Yoko & John at the Amsterdam "Sleep In"

Kickass Oldies*

German Artists Say They Put
White Flags on Brooklyn Bridge - Here

Smokin' Jazz*
Occupy Folks, October 2011

Open Source Seed Initiative

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Pete Seeger at Farm Aid 2013 - Biography at Yes Magazine
Pete Seeger's Last Performance
** Thanks to The UK Guardian

Why Can't We Live Together?*
Carlos Santana with Steve Winwood and More

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 Neil Young performs at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, CA.  
(Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times / March 29, 2014)

 We Miss You!   Amiri Baraka Performance **


Charles Bowden died Saturday, August 30, 2014 in Las Cruces, N.M., where he had
moved from the Tucson area. He was 69. - More Here* & Here* & Here

Stephen Gaskin dies at 79; founder of The Farm - More

"Among the dreams Gaskin never quite realized was a 100-acre
retirement community aimed at aging hippies. He called it Rocinante."

Banned by the Pentagon 08/20/2014
Real Journalism and No Lies!
NSA  Unveiled!  - The Intercept

We Miss You!   Nelson Mandela



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Radiation Counts per Minute (CPM) (In Circles) US Time-stamped Update - Here

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The Good: Monitoring Stations
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The Ugly: Storage & Test Sites! -  Here

Whatever Gets You Through *
We Miss You Richie Havens!

First Peoples Rock!*

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Woodstock**Jimi Hendrix*

Rage Against The Machine*

Rage Against The Machine** Woodstock '99

George Orwell

 How Did He Know?

Babylon Break*
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Rainbow Gathering in Wyoming

Conscious Party*

Woodstock Revisited*

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Janis, Lou Reed, Muddy Waters and Friends

One Love*
Rasta Mon, Bob Marley

The Grateful Dead*
Bob Weir Hangin' in and Kickin' Ass  

Music & Peace Festivals
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Occupiers in Spain Protest "Austerity"

World & Ocean Temperatures 
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Jet Stream  Update - Here

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US Wild Fires 09/27/2014

Wildfire Incident Report Updates - Here

U.S. Drought Monitor, Sept 23, 2014 - Here

Current S. Pole Maps - HereCurrent N. Pole Maps - Here

"Homeless Encampments Known as
“Tent Cities” are Popping-up Across the Country."

Formed as an alternative to shelters and street-living, these makeshift communities are often set up off of highways, under bridges and in the woods. Some have “mayors” who determine the rules of the camp and who can and can’t join, others are a free-for-all. Some are overflowing with trash, old food, human waste and drug paraphernalia, others are relatively clean and drug-free.[continued]

I know this one!

In March, 2003, upon the [later discovered] bankster-sponsored
 invasion of Iraq,  I resigned my teaching position

at a local, well known community college. I buttoned-up my
home and proceeded to Gypsy-camp
around the northwest
US for several years
looking for work, until the retirement check
ran out,
forcing some tough choices. More Here


Maya Angelou (Marguerite Annie Johnson), Writer,
Born 4 April 1928; Died 28 May 2014 - Here & Here**


  California Suffers Astonishingly Fast Snow Pack Melt as Drought Intensifies

Current US Drought Monitoring

Southwest is a Tinderbox! - 5/16/2014 Photo from LA Times

Classical Guitar*
President Jose Mujica - [of] Uruguay, S.A.
10 Reasons to Love Uruguay’s President José Mujica"- Medea Benjamin

Latin Rhythms*

Gabriel García Márquez and Fidel Castro

Arctic Vortex Blasts Chicago


They're Out to Get You, Sir.  November 22, 1963

Camp Country*
We Miss You, Ed Abbey

Iceland and The Northern Lights on a Summer Midnight

Jeremy Hammond, Independent Media's Best, Goes to Prison for 10 Years.

Climate Change comes home to roost in The Philippines - FU wallstreet!

Mudslide near Arlington, Washington, March 22, 2014 - Here

Mick at 70
The Rolling Stones 2014 Tour

Eclipse of the Sun from Voyager Looking Back at Saturn.

Eclipse of the Sun - April 29, 2014  Australia

As captured by Colin Legg

Africa's Sahara Desert Dust Storm Moving Westward from Mauritania, Western
Sahara and Morocco, into the Atlantic Ocean

Simulation of Antarctica without Its Ice Cap

Sept 21, 2014    1:00 PM PST  (This is only a simulation) - Happy Mabon!

The Arctic Ocean icecap at the Exact North Pole August 21, 2013
An ice melt lake deceptively overlays thousands of feet of ocean!
Look to the right. Sea ice ridges can be seen in shadow - More Here

Occupy wall street 2nd Anniversary September 17, 2013

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"The Shard"
Tallest Building in Europe, Was Scaled to Protest Arctic Drilling.

Six Climb The Shard!


1000-year floods of 2013
Devastate Jamestown, Colorado

Denver Post - Boulder, CO September 14, 2013

Neil Young - Here

Free Mumia!

Toshi and Pete


Joseph CampbellHelen ThomasWoody Harrelson

The Arab Spring

Thousands Protest the TPP
The So-called "Trans-Pacific Partnership" - Here

Haskell Wexler,
Daryl Hannah, Blaze Bontane, at the KPFK Studios, LA

Focused  Solar-Thermal" Steam Generation - Here

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Focused  Solar-Thermal Steam Plants Around the World

Geo-thermal Steam Electric Power Plant in Iceland

120/240V Off-grid Rechargeable LiFeP
(Lithium Iron Phosphate) Power Supply - Here


US Presidential Candidate Jailed
Jill Stein, M.D. Protests the banksters.
His Holiness The Dalai Lama of Tibet

Chris Hedges*

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Farewell Address, 01/01/961

Hiroshima, Japan - 8:15 a.m. on August 6, 1945

Occupy Wall Street Video**

George Carlin*

Amazon's Indigenous People 


Greg Palast                                        Naomi Klein

Mahatma Ghandi

   Chief Joseph   1877                              Touch The Clouds  1877

  Chief Sitting Bull                                             Face of War    

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Good Morning Occupy!
* One Love* Babylon Break*

John Lennon* Woodstock Revisited* Irie Days Starry Nights*

Whatever Gets You Through* Why Can't We Live Together?*
Rock-n-Roll Can Never Die!* Conscious Party* Indigenous*

Rage Against The Machine Woodstock '99

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