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October 31, 2014

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In Depth Details - Here (no pun intended)

Follow the three Rs: Respect for Self, Respect for 
Others and Responsibility for all your Actions.
Thoughts by His Holiness

The Dalai Lama of Tibet

>>> October 28 - Update - paraphrasing, "Zodiac took-in some water at the welders,
but it's about repaired. A different re-arrangement of the navigation
counsel and other safety repairs now being finalized."

>>> "The Expedition For Life" will board the B.C. Ferry next week
to Prince Rupert, departure port to the Queen Charlottes."The Arctic coast
will be in spring," paraphrasing Dana.

>>> Other On-going Stories <<<

>>> Fukushima Crisis Continues, Was Worse Than First Reported -
Cause of New Mexico Nuclear Waste Accident Remains a Mystery - Here

131,939 views as of October 25, 2014 - A Preliminary  Expedition Around
Vancouver Island on August 10, 2014 Discovers
a Destroyed Tidal Eco-system
Along the Pacific Coast of British Columbia.
(Suspected) Radioactive Spills
from Fukushima Daiichi May Be the Cause.
 - Here**

>>> "The Expedition For Life" Has Begun
(9/08) from Vancouver,
British Columbia, Canada! - Updates as they come in
- Here

>>> Press Release
- Here (9/01)

Amazing Video of Rough Seas in the Expedition's Zodiac - Here

Expedition Chronicles
The Expedition For Life 2014 On-location Videos and Stills - 50+ days

September 9 (2 videos)

Starting out video - Here or   

Salt Spring Island video - Here or 

September 10 videos - Victoria Harbor, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada - 1) Here & 2) Here  or 

September 11 video - Here or

September 13 video - Bamfield Marine Science Centre - Here  or

September 23 video - Last day in Barkley Sound - Here or

September 24 video - Ucluelet on the west coast of Vancouver Island - Here or

September 25 video - The nursery of the Pacific Ocean is still missing. - Here

September 26 - Telegraph Cove, BC - Dana writes, "... this place so far had the most life out of the
entire trip..." - Here  or

September 30 - Dana writes, "...the first set of pictures are from the boat by me Dana..." - Here or

October 1 - Dana writes, "This is day 14 October 1st 2014 on the beaches out of 30 odd days and every day is starting to run together as we search the tidal pools for life because the life there is the most vulnerable , tuna and fish are way up the food chain we look at the nursery of the ocean." - Here or

October 3 - Dana writes, "....screen captures from October 3rd 2014 trip it was gusting 35 km and almost dark..." - Here or

October 4 - Dana writes, ".... are lower resolution because of bandwidth restraints traveling around Vancouver Island...." - Here or  

October 7 - Dana writes, ".....We spent October 6th, 2014 yesterday at low tide in the afternoon. Lots of underwater pictures and footage from Browning Pass considered one the top ten dive destinations ....." - Here or

October 7 - Browning Pass video - Here or

October 10 - Pine Island Area - Dana writes, "The pictures are screen captures because of bandwidth constraints and the fact we are moving constantly around the BC coast line." Here or

Vancouver Island Group - Dana writes, "This is Day 19 it was heavy overcast and almost dark rain on and off fast tides and heavy winds on the way back." - Here or

Browning Pass - Dana writes, "Day 20.... I left a little after 5 am and put first hour and 20
mins on the kicker at low speeds until it was light enough to run fast and then switched engines." -
Here or

Update video on "The Expedition For Life" - Here or

October 11 - Dana writes, "Day 21 we had Chevi Novak jump on a few beaches and get some good footage..." - Here or

October 12 - Dana writes, "..... I was out by myself off NE Vancouver Island tucked away
for a few hours till the wind ...." - Here or

October 13 - Amazing video of rough seas in the expedition's zodiac - Here or

October 14 - Update video, posted 10/15, on "The Expedition For Life" - Here or

October 17 - Update video - Here or

October 20 - Update video - Here or

October 22 - Editorial video - Dana writes, "Why is Jay Cullen allowed to keep his job at the University of Victoria...?" Here or

Just in 10/27: The windshield build on the expedition zodiac is almost done.
"The Expedition For Life" will board the B.C. Ferry next week to Prince Rupert,
departure port to the Queen Charlottes.

10/28: Tickets purchased.

October 28 - Update - Update - paraphrasing, "Zodiac took-in some water at the welders,
but it's about repaired. A different re-arrangement of the navigation counsel and other
safety repairs now being finalized." - Video - Here or

"The Nuclear Proctologist" Latest Update  - Here
"The Fukushima Hounds" Chat Room - Here
Donations  - Here

Zoie and Dana October 10, 2014

Rage Against The Machine*

Just in 10/28: "The Expedition For Life" will board the ferry next week.
Current Weather: The Vancouver, BC Ferry  >>>>  Prince Rupert, BC
  Departure Port to the Queen Charlottes (Haida Gwaii) - Update Here

 An Expedition Route from the Alaska / BC border to the  Arctic Coast, might take: Prince Rupert
to Hwy 16 to Hwy 37,
then Hwy 1 to Whitehorse, Yukon. Then the Klondike Highway to Dawson
then the Dempster Highway to Inuvik and the Arctic Ocean, Northwest Territories.

"Access is via the Dempster Highway for the majority of the year. The highway relies
on ferries and ice bridges to get across the rivers. It is thus closed during the time
of freeze-up (roughly late-October to mid-December), for ice to form and allow
 ice bridges, and thaw (roughly mid-May to mid-June) to allow the ferry to run.
At these times, there is air access only."
- Wikipedia

Forecast Inuvik, Northwest Territories, Canada (Above Arctic Circle) - Here

Dempster Highway from Dawson City, Yukon to Inuvik, Northwest Territories


Fukushima Soon After 3/11/2011

AGAIN!!  Fukushima Unit 4 Major Fire May 20, 2014**

from: Reader Supported News 
Video Clip of Neil Young and Stephen Colbert - Here

From  The Real News Network
>>> Hedges' (8) Video Interviews / Sheldon Wolin #1 #2 #3 #4
Chris Hedges interviews Noam Chomsky: Part I, Part II, Part III

Plus "The Imperative of Revolt" - From Truthdig

Chris Hedges Audio*

Greg Palast
"Billionaires & Ballot Bandits:
How to Steal an Election in 9 Easy Steps
Naomi Klein
September 28, 2014, 7:30 – 8:45PM
 ‘Capitalism vs. The Climate’
Town Hall Seattle -
Audio Here*

Neil Baybeee*

Break of Dawn, Bob's Camp, September 21, 2014 - Happy Mabon People!

Happy Birthday John Coltrane - September 23, 1926! - Bio Here

Saturday, September  13, 2014 - 10am PST 'til ?

Red Cloud - Red Cloud's War

Desert Setting Sun at Bob's Camp

Irie Days Starry Nights*

John Lennon Tunes*
Yoko & John at the Amsterdam "Sleep In"

German Artists Say They Put
White Flags on Brooklyn Bridge - Here

Smokin' Jazz*
Occupy Folks, October 2011

Open Source Seed Initiative

TUNES have the single white asterix * and are in ".mp3".
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it may take until the entire tuneage downloads before playing.
"Movies and Videos" have the double white asterix **

BeSolar Dot Info links are Underlined Italic Yellow Gold.
Web links are Underlined Italic Bright White  &
Italic Aqua Blue

Pete Seeger at Farm Aid 2013 - Biography at Yes Magazine
Pete Seeger's Last Performance
** Thanks to The UK Guardian

Why Can't We Live Together?*
Carlos Santana with Steve Winwood and More

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 Neil Young performs at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, CA.  
(Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times / March 29, 2014)

 We Miss You!   Amiri Baraka Video Performance **

Audio Interview & Poetry*


Charles Bowden died Saturday, August 30, 2014 in Las Cruces, N.M., where he had
moved from the Tucson area. He was 69. - More Here* & Here* & Here

Stephen Gaskin dies at 79; founder of The Farm - More

"Among the dreams Gaskin never quite realized was a 100-acre
retirement community aimed at aging hippies. He called it Rocinante."

Banned by the Pentagon 08/20/2014
Real Journalism and No Lies!
NSA  Unveiled!  - The Intercept

We Miss You!   Nelson Mandela



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Kickass Oldies*

*These Are Citizen-owned Geigers Showing Real Time Gamma and Beta Counts 
R.B.L. Counts Per Minute (CPM) Averaged Over Minutes to an Hour (In Circles)
Absolute Readings*
- "What you see is what you get." Every
4-minutes - Update Here

*Relative Readings - (RBL) Random Background Level - Lowest = *Radcon1*
Highest = Radcon5 - *Radcon1* May NOT Be Safe! (Japan RBL Includes Radioactive
Cesium 137 and Plutonium 239,  etc.)
 6-hour Updates - Here  - Oct 31, 2014

Courtesy of
Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center (NETC)

*Relative Readings - Degrees of CPM Average from Combined Private and Government Agencies
Computed Over a Week's or Month's or More Time Frame - Bob

Man-made Radiation Sites

For current monitoring of Radiation Station's CPM's:
Click one of the six Regions below:
 US     Hawaii & Alaska    Europe
South America     Japan     Australia

Courtesy of RadiationNetwork .com
The Good: Monitoring Stations
 The Bad: 400+ Nuclear Reactors & Mines
The Ugly: Storage & Test Sites! -  Here

Whatever Gets You Through *
We Miss You Richie Havens!

First Peoples Rock!*

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Woodstock**Jimi Hendrix*

Rage Against The Machine** Woodstock '99

George Orwell

 How Did He Know?

Babylon Break*
             Woody Gutherie      

Rainbow Gathering in Wyoming

Conscious Party*

Woodstock Revisited*

The Blues*
Janis, Lou Reed, Muddy Waters and Friends

One Love*
Rasta Mon, Bob Marley

The Grateful Dead*
Bob Weir Hangin' in and Kickin' Ass  

Music & Peace Festivals
Here & HD Here

Good Morning Occupy!*

Occupiers in Spain Protest "Austerity"

World & Ocean Temperatures 
Update Here


Jet Stream  Update - Here

National Weather Forecast - Here

Wildfire Incident Report Updates - Here

US Wild Fires 10/29/2014

U.S. Drought Monitor, Oct. 28, 2014 - Here

Current S. Pole Maps - HereCurrent N. Pole Maps - Here


Maya Angelou (Marguerite Annie Johnson), Writer,
Born 4 April 1928; Died 28 May 2014 - Here & Here**

  California Suffers Astonishingly Fast Snow Pack Melt as Drought Intensifies

Current US Drought Monitoring

Southwest is a Tinderbox! - 5/16/2014 Photo from LA Times

Classical Guitar*

[Former] President Jose Mujica - [of] Uruguay, S.A.
10 Reasons to Love Uruguay’s President José Mujica"- Medea Benjamin

Latin Rhythms*

Gabriel García Márquez and Fidel Castro

Arctic Vortex Blasts Chicago


They're Out to Get You, Sir.  November 22, 1963

Camp Country*

We Miss You, Ed Abbey

Iceland and The Northern Lights on a Summer Midnight

Jeremy Hammond, Independent Media's Best, Goes to Prison for 10 Years.

Climate Change comes home to roost in The Philippines - FU wallstreet!

Mudslide near Arlington, Washington, March 22, 2014 - Here

Mick at 70
The Rolling Stones 2014 Tour

Eclipse of the Sun from Voyager Looking Back at Saturn.

Eclipse of the Sun - April 29, 2014  Australia

As captured by Colin Legg

Africa's Sahara Desert Dust Storm Moving Westward from Mauritania, Western
Sahara and Morocco, into the Atlantic Ocean

Simulation of Antarctica without Its Ice Cap

Sept 21, 2014    1:00 PM PST  (This is only a simulation) - Happy Mabon!

The Arctic Ocean icecap at the Exact North Pole August 21, 2013
An ice melt lake deceptively overlays thousands of feet of ocean!
Look to the right. Sea ice ridges can be seen in shadow - More Here

Occupy wall street 2nd Anniversary September 17, 2013

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"The Shard"
Tallest Building in Europe, Was Scaled to Protest Arctic Drilling.

Six Climb The Shard!


1000-year floods of 2013
Devastate Jamestown, Colorado

Denver Post - Boulder, CO September 14, 2013

Neil Young - Here

Free Mumia!

Toshi and Pete


Joseph CampbellHelen ThomasWoody Harrelson

The Arab Spring

Thousands Protest the TPP
The So-called "Trans-Pacific Partnership" - Here

Haskell Wexler,
Daryl Hannah, Blaze Bontane, at the KPFK Studios, LA

The future of Electric Power is Focused  Solar- Thermal Steam Generation  - Here.

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High Def Links Portal

Focused  Solar-Thermal Steam Plants Around the World?


Geo-thermal Steam Electric Power Plant in Iceland

120/240V Off-grid Rechargeable LiFeP
(Lithium Iron Phosphate) Power Supply - Here



US Presidential Candidate Jailed
Jill Stein, M.D. Protests the banksters.
His Holiness The Dalai Lama of Tibet

President Dwight D. Eisenhower

Farewell Address, 01/01/961

Hiroshima, Japan - 8:15 a.m. on August 6, 1945

Occupy Wall Street Video**

George Carlin*

Amazon's Indigenous People 

Mahatma Ghandi

   Chief Joseph   1877                                     Touch The Clouds  1877

  Chief Sitting Bull                                                                    Face of War    

30 Tuneages (Long-playing Conscious Spaces)

Dedicated to the One, the Only,
Love 22
Numerologist and Woodstock  Sage

TUNES have the single white asterix * and are in ".mp3".
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Good Morning Occupy!
* One Love* Babylon Break*

John Lennon* Woodstock Revisited* Irie Days Starry Nights*

Whatever Gets You Through* Why Can't We Live Together?*
Rock-n-Roll Can Never Die!* Conscious Party* Indigenous*

Rage Against The Machine Woodstock '99

Oldies* Jazz*
Blues* Motown* Camp Country*
Grateful Dead* Cajun-Zydeco* Jimi Hendrix* Neil Baybee*

Bob's Camp Soundtrack* The Beatles* Latin Rhythms*

Classical Guitar* Meditation* Kelley's Sacred Flute*

Sitar* George Carlin*

2 "Movies" (lol 2008 Videos) with Great Tunes

The Music at Bob's Camp** One Love **

For live Tune broadcasts and News Streams, etc. - Live Streams 

The Periodic Table of Elements - Larger Version >> Here

Courtesy of Nuke
US  Nuclear Weapons Complex: Sites & Facilities

Nuke Reactors World Map - 437 in 31 Countries,

180 Propulsion Reactors
- Here


Composite Maps Below

Courtesy of RadiationNetwork .com

For current monitoring of Radiation Station's CPM's:
Click one of the six Regions below:
 US     Hawaii & Alaska    Europe
South America     Japan     Australia

North America

Northwest US

Southwest US

Northeast US

Southeast US

South America

Northern Europe

Southern Europe

Northern Africa

Southern Africa & The Southern Ocean


Northern Asia

Southern Asia

South Pacific Ocean

Safe Energy Analyst -  Russell Lowes, Sierra Club Rincon Group Energy Chair, August 4, 2014

One Love One Earth

Learn from our Mistakes.

Create Peace and Happiness.

Interact with No Harm.

Teach through Kind Action.

Experience Wilderness Quiet.

Share your Bliss, Dance and Song.

Build Green. Protect and Care.

Recycle, Reuse and Create Sustainable Systems.

Save our Wild Earth.

Her Animals, Land, Plants, Water and Air.

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Endangered Saguaros

2013 Climate-Change Archive

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