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"Blue Rebel Brigade"!

Poor People's Journal
    Indy River

  One Love                                      Rock'n Irie!                                  One Earth

~We The People Promise~

Learn from our Mistakes.

Create Peace and Happiness.                          

     Interact with No Harm.                                               

Teach through Kind Action.      

                               Experience Wilderness Quiet.

         Sacred Flute*
  (46 mins)
Kelly's Sacred Rites
Flagstaff, AZ 
Share Our Bliss,                                                            
   Dance and Song.

                                                              Build Green.

Protect and Care.

Recycle, Reuse and Create      
                                         Sustainable Systems.

Save Our Wild Earth, Her Animals,
Plants, Water, and Air

The Times
                                                              They Are A Changin'!*(308 mins)

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U.S. Wildfires Reports
& Updates

National Preparedness Level 5

as of August 18 at 8 p.m. MDT (on a scale from 1 to 5)

Current hours for the National Fire Information Center are
(MST) 8:00 am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday

This report will be updated daily.
Please check the IMSR for more information.

September 17, 2020

Light intial attack was reported resulting in two new large fires. Three fires were contained: one in California and two in Washington.The number of wildland fires is below the 10-year-average. Acres burned by large wildland fires has surpassed the 10-year-average.

NIMO (Houseman) has been assigned to COVID-19 support at Forest Service headquarters in Washington, D.C. NIMO (Reinarz) has been assigned to provide wildland fire support to California. NIMO (Day) has been assigned to provide wildland fire support to federal land management agencies in Oregon and Washington. 

Two hundred thirty-three soldiers from the 14th Brigade Engineer Battalion based out of Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington are deployed in support of the August Complex.

One RC-26 aircraft with Distributed Real-Time Infrared (DRTI) capability and support personnel from the 141st Air Refueling Wing (Washington Air National Guard) has been deployed to Fairchild AFB (Spokane, WA), in support of wildland fire operations.

Two MAFFS C-130 airtanker and support personnel each from the 153rd Airlift Wing (Wyoming Air National Guard) and the 146th Airlift Wing (California Air National Guard) have been deployed to support wildland fire operations in California.

Three wildland fire suppression crews and three overhead personnel from Quebec, Canada are supporting fire suppression efforts in the Northern California Area.

During this unprecedented time, the safety of the public and all wildland fire responders is always the number one priority for all wildland fire agencies. For more information and links to the Geographic Area Plans, visit the NIFC COVID-19 page.


As the center of the upper low begins to move onshore, southwesterly winds will strengthen across northeast California, central/eastern Oregon, and the Great Basin. Afternoon wind gusts will be in the 20 to 30 mph range with gusts to 35 mph possible. The combination of gusty winds and low relative humidity will bring critical fire weather conditions to the aforementioned areas. Visibility and air quality will improve across many locations due to the increased winds. However, as smoke begins to clear, fire activity may see an extra boost due to increased solar radiation. Rain showers will become more widespread along and west of the Cascades Thursday night as a cold front associated with the upper low moves onshore. Thunderstorms are possible with the rain showers this evening.


    Update map - Here


Gangsters of the World 
                                               Are Riding High!*(256 mins)

We Who



                                                      Time to Dance in the Street!*(307 mins)    

                                                       Time to Rock-n-Roll*(291 mins)

Time to
Dance Around
                                       The Sacred Campfire*(420 mins)

Rebel Daily 7:
Rebellion wraps up

September 12, 2020

Rolling Rebellion.
Global Newsletter 43

September 8, 2020

XR’s Back Sound the Alarm!

August 31, 2020

Rebel Daily 1: Boats, Bills
and Boris the Bank Engine

September 2, 2020

Rebel Daily 2: If the trees
die, so do we

September 3, 2020

Rebel Daily 3: Pop the kettle on,
‘Authoritarian Regime’ is starting

September 4, 2020

Rebel Daily 4: Don’t read
the news, be the news

September 5, 2020

Rebel Daily 5: We
will not be intimidated

September 7, 2020

Rebel Daily 6: Climate CSI
September 9, 2020


Rebroadcast**(320 mins)

August 30, 2020


Roger Waters: We're weakened by
neoliberal economic policies
**(24 mins)
~ Al Jazeera

August 29, 2020


"Prisoners of conscience – hunger
strike for climate"** (6 mins) - utube

#ClimateStrike Friday ~ 8/28/2020


Tuesday ~ 8/25/2020

"Major new film The Troublemaker**~ vimeo
which followed Hallam over the course of 18 months ....

~ Audio*(60 mins)








                              Leader of Apache Stronghold**(4 mins)

Wendsler Nosie Sr.
invitation to 3rd
Annual March to Oak Flat,
Southeastern, AZ

February 16-19, 2017.

Help Protect Oak Flat or
Chi'chil Bildagoteel,
an Apache sacred site
in the Tonto National Forest
threatened by a Copper Mine
owned by a foreign mining company.

                              Sacred Drumming Circle**(3 mins)


~ Ancestral stolen lands ~
Views on Religion & More

Apache Stronghold, San Carlos, AZ

Wendsler Nosie, Sr. Audio*(41 mins)
Wendsler's Excerpt

Battle for the Bible:
Christian Nationalism
and the Movement

  to End Poverty**

* (130 mins)
January 25, 2020 ~ NYC, NY


Oak Flat
                          Year in Review**(53 mins)


                                      Sacred Oak Flat**(4mins)                                              Poor People's Campaign: A National Call For Moral Revival
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Moral March on Washington, June 21, 2018                                                                          

                                               1st Nations Peoples*(532 mins)

John Trudell ~ Wendsler Nosie, Sr.
Buffy Sainte-Marie ~ Scott Momaday
Carlos Nakai & Friends
Wisdom of the Elders


                                           "John Trudell "Cry Your Tears"**(8 mins)

  "I will no longer enable the lie." - John Trudell

                               John - Here**(6 mins)

                     John Trudell in Conversation*(110 mins)

          John Trudell, Buffy Sainte Marie,
                                       Carlos Nakai*(193 mins)

The Complete Trudell



All Lives Matter When:

Black, Red, Yellow, and Brown Lives Matter! 
Muslim, Jew, Christian, Spiritual, Pagan!
Gay, Straight, Trans, Poor, Elders, Disabled!


#ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateEmergency!
 #BlackLivesMatter #ProtectJulian

#BeyondPolitics #CitizensAssemblies
#GeorgeFloyd  #PamelaSueRush
#WallofMoms  #WallofVets
#AbolishPolice #AbolishCorporations
#AbolishAirTravel  #AbolishBillionaires




Nonviolent Rebellion ~ Roger Hallam**
with Chris Hedges ~
Aug 1, 2020 ~ Audio*(27 mins)



Roger Hallam and Valerie Brown**
July 24, 2020
~ Audio*(22 mins)

"Roger & Valerie explain Beyond Politics @BespokePanic.
They are a breath of fresh air and humanity outside our
genocidal, radically evil political and economic system."

Hallum at AmnestyUK Feb, 2019 ~ Audio*(12 mins)


                                           One Bright Day*(174 mins)
Burning Spear with Peter Tosh & Buds

Burning Spear**(50 mins)

                          Marcus Garvey, Mom & Kids**(120 mins)

The Movement Continues!

Back to the Top
                Family* (251 mins)

Earthstrong ~ August 5, 1936 - April 28, 2018 ~
Rev. Dr. James Cone

Speaks with Honorable Dr. Cornel West**


A Message for the Nation:
Forward Together, Not One Step Back!
Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II
~ fb
Greenleaf Christian Church, Aug 30, 2020 ~ Audio
* (57 mins)

Capitol March on Washington**
Poor People's Campaign ~ Audio* (135 mins)
Summer Solstice
~ June 21, 2018

40 Days Original Schedule
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OpEd News
The Intercept
Poor Magazine

Common Dreams
Popular Resistance
Inside Climate News
Poor People's Radio

Indian Country News

Multi-faith Clergy at work and ROCKIN'!

June 23, 2018:
Historic Fusion Rally and March

*(228 mins)


 Indy bay
Ad Busters
Black History
Mother Jones
Think Progress
The Indypendent

          Democracy Now!**
The Daily Climate
Poor People's Journal
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